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Great analysis by @helloiambing who took the time to research #Article13 and made up his own mind regardless of some of the very loud noise out there from @YouTube etc. #CopyrightDirective #Europe #EuropeForCreators

Stay tuned for the next episode #CopyrightDirective #makeinternetfair #europeforcreators

Ce qui s'est fait de mieux pour tout comprendre sur les enjeux de la Directive Européenne #art13 #Copyright #MakeInternetFair #EuropeForCreators Merci les YouTubers ! 👍

Yesterday's trilogue on the #CopyrightDirective just ended, no agreement found yet. As negotiations continue, please join us by supporting #Article13
#Europe #EuropeForCreators

YouTube’s now ironic ‘fake news’ copyright campaign backfires. #Article13 is an artist enabler, not a digital consumer blocker, the short-sighted need to open their eyes! via @M_magazinePRS #EuropeForCreators #CopyrightDirective

Et surtout les dépenses de "sponsoring" ou autres aides financieres aux NGOs, journaux, think tanks, etc etc? #EuropeForCreators

Budućnost je i digitalna i kreativna, ali mora biti poštenija prema kreativcima. Evo zašto: #europeforcreators

Envie de mieux comprendre les enjeux de l'article 13 de la Directive sur le droit d'auteur ? Des YouTubeurs vous expliquent tout en vidéo #Copyright #MakeInternetFair #EuropeForCreators

En savoir plus sur #Article13 #CopyrightDirective #MakeInternetFair #EuropeForCreators

Back to facts #CopyrightDirective #MakeInternetFair #EuropeForCreators

Parler de la réalité des créateurs est une priorité #CopyrightDirective #EuropeForCreators

Article 13 is only an issue if you have a problem with #creators being paid for the exploitation of their work. Well said @MarkAyresRWS ! #Article13 #CopyrightDirective #Europe #EuropeForCreators

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Digital economic powers continue to profit as working artists struggle to make ends meet. By refusing to give artists a say and by not paying properly for using their art, current artists are being hurt and the dreams of future creators are being extinguished. The gap between the revenue generated by the Internet Platforms and the money they give to the creators, responsible for their success, is not fairly shared.

But it’s not just the livelihoods of creators that are at stake, it’s also our democracy. On September 12, the European Parliament will vote on the fate of the EU Copyright Directive. This Directive isn’t just more regulation, it’s a necessary tool to level the playing field with powerful internet companies that don’t want to play by the rules.  As citizens of Europe, we find ourselves at a historic crossroads where we must answer the question: what kind of Europe do we want? A strong Europe that stands up for the rights of its people, or a Europe that gives in to the whims of corporations?

The battle over the EU Copyright Directive is only the latest example of internet giants’ attempts to take advantage of Europe and Europeans. Citizen support for the anti-copyright campaign has been overblown thanks to automated tools and bots. Genuine concerns have been raised about this text and, ultimately, we share the same goal: keep Internet as a free space to express our creativity and our opinions.

While the current debate has been focused on “memes” and “Gifs” – which will not be affected by the new Directive – this vote is about so much more. We know this vote cuts to the core of how democracy functions in Europe. But do our MEPs know it?

We are Europe for Creators. We represent some 12 million* jobs across the European cultural and creative sectors. We are people, not bots. And we are protesting against the false divide that has been put between citizens and us.

Join us in our fight to allow culture to flourish so that we can keep entertaining, enriching and inspiring you today… and in the future. Share this site to spread the word. Our moment is now. We will not get another.

* European Commission study – 2015 “Boosting the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries for growth and jobs”

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